The Academic Forum for Social Entrepreneurship is a center for developing interdisciplinary, update and applied knowledge in the field of social entrepreneurship. The guiding principle of the Forum is based on four main principles:

  1. Social entrepreneurship is a distinct field based on theories, discourse, the wisdom of action, and the findings of meticulous research.
  2. The development and conceptualization of theoretical and applied knowledge are, in a systematic manner, essential for the promotion of quality social entrepreneurship that promotes social change.
  3. Social entrepreneurship is a cross-sectoral concept. It must be carried out and investigated in the interfaces between public, civil and private.
  4. Social entrepreneurship is a creative tool for achieving social change, promoting social justice, increasing equality and reducing exclusion in Israeli society.

The Forum conducts various activities for the development and dissemination of knowledge, which appeal to various stakeholders involved in social entrepreneurship in Israel – social entrepreneurs, researchers in the field of entrepreneurship, policymakers in the field of social entrepreneurship.