Israeli Academic Forum for Social Enterprise

The Israeli Academic Forum for Social Enterprise (IAFSE) was founded in 2009 by the Bob Shapell School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University, SHATIL – Leading social change (an initiative of the New Israel Fund), and TOPAZ – Leading social innovations.

Our vision

The Israeli Academic Forum for Social Enterprise (IAFSE) is a center for the development of interdisciplinary, up-to-date and applicable knowledge in the field of social enterprise. Our actions are based on four main premises:

1. Social entrepreneurship is a field conceptually distinct from others, and is based on specific theories, discourses, practice wisdom and the findings of high quality research.

2. A systematic approach to the development of theoretical and applicable knowledge is crucial for the promotion of quality social enterprises that advance social change.

3. Social entrepreneurship is a cross-sector term. It should be implemented and studied in the interfaces between the public, the civil, and the private.

4. Social enterprises are a creative measure for achieving social change which is founded on and advocates social justice, equality and inclusion in Israeli society.

Our goals

The Israeli Academic Forum for Social Enterprise (IAFSE) aspires to:

Expand knowledge. Through the development and conceptualization of new and existing knowledge and data regarding social enterprises in Israel, and their dissemination through academic texts, working papers, conferences and conventions.

Advance education and training. Through offering various training and education programs for social entrepreneurs who seek to broaden, develop and conceptualize the knowledge which lays at the foundation of the enterprise they are operating, or are planning to initiate.

Promote networking. Through the organization and documentation of meetings and multilogues among stakeholders in the field of social enterprise aimed at promoting mutual learning and cooperation in research, writing and conceptualization endeavors.

Who can benefit from working with us?

Our target audiences are all stakeholders involved in social enterprises on all working levels – social entrepreneurs, researchers in the field of social enterprise, policy makers, funders of social enterprises, and more.

Want to contact us?

For more information about our activities, potential collaborations and upcoming events, contact IAFSE's coordinator, Ms. Maya Fennig, | or visit our Facebook page.